All About Us...

Flashburn Designs, owned and operated by Joe and Kristy Hicks, is an artisanal business specializing in decorative metal wall art. Every piece is meticulously crafted from high-quality USA metal, with a unique design process that involves cutting, sanding, and coloring. The metal pieces are meticulously sanded to impart distinctive dimensions that play with light reflections. The coloring techniques are varied, ranging from solid powder coats for select pieces to the artistic use of torch fire, resulting in captivating brown, purple, blue, and silver hues. Alternatively, vibrant colors are achieved through different metal paints, allowing the underlying metal to shine through. A final touch involves encasing the artwork in a clear powder coat, providing protection and enhancing the metal's brilliant shine. The result is metal artwork that dynamically interacts with light, creating a mesmerizing play of colors and reflections.

In 2018, Joe and Kristy started their business in McCleary, Washington, before making a bold move to Arab, Alabama, in 2021, seeking new adventures. As proud parents to a lovely daughter, they've chosen the path of homeschooling, cherishing the freedom that comes with running their own business. Their commitment to independence not only fuels their artistic endeavors but also allows them to explore the world with their daughter, creating a harmonious blend of work, family, and adventure in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

We Do Custom Work!

If your interested in having a custom piece of metal art done please email us at and we would be happy to work with you.

  • Contact/Shipping Info

    You can contact Joe at 360-964-0181
    Email us at
    We are located in Arab, Alabama
    If we have a product in stock it will ship in 1-2 business
    days. If it is out of stock it will ship in 4-5 business days.
    We do insure our packages so if your item arrives DAMAGED please take 8 detailed pictures of the damaged package and artwork showing the damage. Then contact us and we will file a claim with the shipping company and get you a new piece shipped out asap.
  • About Our Metal

    Each piece is hand made in Arab, AL using high quality American made steel.
    Our products are all hand finished using sanding techniques, "painting" with our torch, painting with anodized metalcast paint, and powder coating. Each piece will look similar to the photos but the coloring may very on some pieces.
    These are solid well made pieces of art that will last for generations. We do put a solid powder coat finish on all of our pieces that help protect them from the elements, however if you are hanging your piece outside some rusting may occur over time. To help prevent this you can spray a clear coat of rust oleum clear each year. To prevent rust all together contact us to get your design done in stainless steel as this metal doesn't rust (but does cost a bit more).
  • Questions & Answers

    1. Will the artwork rust?
    We make the majority of our pieces for indoor use. However if you want to place them outside slight rusting may happen over time.
    2. Will the colors fade on the artwork in the sun?
    They should not fade. We use a UV protective Powder coating that help protect the colors from fading.
    3. How large of a design can you make?
    Currently we are limited to 2ft x 2ft designs
    4. How do we hang the artwork?
    You can hang our pieces with small finish nails, command strips or rare earth magnets that you screw into the wall (you can find these on amazon). For heavier designs you will need to use wall anchors.