Questions and Answers

Over the last several years i have been asked several questions about our metal artwork.

1. Will the artwork rust. 

All of our designs are powder coated we make the majority of our designs for indoor use and if there in direct rain over time they will rust. If you let us know that the design your wanting is for outdoors we will spray it with a heavy coat which will help insure it wont rust. If possible hang the design out of the direct rain. If you cannot hang it out of the direct rain spray it every other year with a clear coat that you can purchase in an aerosol can at just about any autoparts or hardware store it will help seal the artwork and prevent it from rusting.

2. Will the colors fade on the artwork in the sun.

The answer is no they will not fade. We use a UV protective Powder coating that will not allow the colors to fade.

3. Do you do custom work. 

Yes we do custom work often. If your interested in having a custom piece done please email us at and we would be happy to work with you.

4. How large of a design can you make.

Currently we are limited to 2ft x 2ft designs

5. What are the designs made out of. 

We cut everything out of cold roll 16ga American made steel produced right here in Alabama guaranteed to last a lifetime.

6. How do we hang the artwork

With our designs being cut out of 16ga steel the material is very durable and will last for ages with that being said it is light enough that you can hang it on the wall using small finish nails for heavier designs you will need to put the finish nail into a stud. 

7. The design has small scratches on it how can I fix it.

In order to get rid of the small scratches you can use any kind of automotive car wax to get rid of the scratches. Apply a small amount of waxing compound to the artwork you can spread it around with your finger let sit for a few minutes then take a soft cloth and wipe it off. It will fill in the small scratches and it will look brand new again. If the scratch is through the powder coat into the metal it will need to be sent back to us to be sanded down and repainted and powder coated fee's may apply.

8. We are local do we have to pay for shipping or can we pick up the design.

Yes we do offer local pickup . If you would like to pick up your purchase please message us and we will send you a local pickup code that will remove the shipping cost from the cart.