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Native American Dream Catcher

Native American Dream Catcher

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Immerse yourself in the captivating lore of the Navajo Indians with our Native American Dream Catcher. Inspired by ancient traditions, these dream catchers serve as protective talismans, guarding you and your loved ones while you sleep, particularly shielding children from bad dreams, nightmares, and malevolent spirits.

In the vibrant culture of Native American spirituality, dream catchers are traditionally hung in an East or Southern direction, ensuring optimal effectiveness. 

Crafted with utmost care and reverence, our Native American Dream Catcher is meticulously cut out of 16-gauge American Steel, symbolizing strength and resilience. Each piece undergoes meticulous hand-sanding, accentuating intricate details and dimensions that add depth to its ethereal presence.

Infused with a medley of anodized colors, including soothing teal green, soft pinks and mesmerizing purples our dream catcher radiates an enchanting aura. These diverse colors are thoughtfully selected to evoke a sense of calm and harmony, reflecting the intricate balance of nature and spirituality.

To preserve its vibrant hues and ensure longevity, our Native American Dream Catcher is encased in a solid, vibrant clear powder coat. This fortifies its allure, providing a protective shield against external elements, ensuring that its colors remain vivid and captivating.

Measuring at 12 inches wide by 16 inches tall, our dream catcher is a striking addition to any space, undoubtedly commanding attention and admiration. Each piece is skillfully handcrafted, making it truly unique and incomparable. 

Delve into the rich tapestry of Native American heritage as our Native American Dream Catcher transports you to a world where tradition and spirituality intertwine harmoniously. Embrace the powerful symbolism and embrace its protective qualities as you embark on a restful journey to a realm where dreams are shielded from darkness and all that is negative, and experience the embrace of the peaceful and soothing energy it exudes.
Due to each piece being handmade and hand painted each dream catcher will look similar but no two dream catchers will be exactly alike making it truly a unique one of a kind piece of artwork.
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